Sandy_Dempsey_ProfilePicHi, my name is Sandy Dempsey – often known in social media circles as SandyDFromNJ.

Originally from South Jersey I recently moved to the Pacific Northwest and live in East Wenatchee, Washington.

My businesses and what I do…
The Dreaming Cafe – Where self-discovery, self-expression and self-employment come together – As a small business consultant I help people break their goals down and begin taking small steps to achieve their dreams.

As an Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator I host classes and offer private Bars sessions. The Bars are a holistic, hands-on, energetic body process that can help relieve stress and facilitate change in many areas of your life.

As a writer and blogger I create content that informs, entertains, and hopefully inspires others to start their own businesses, express their innate creativity and take small steps to create the changes they most desire in their lives.

To find out more email Sandy at: SandyDFromNJ@gmail.com

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